Exit and Emergency Lighting

In the event of a serious incident at your business your staff and customers will need to exit a potentially dangerous environment safely. Exit and Emergency lighting can help with the safe evacuation of occupants and help the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) to search the building during an incident. This is why this service is a critical life saving service that we highly recommend  to all our commercial clients.


We have highly skilled professionals who can perform installations, testing and maintenance of all Emergency and Exit lighting that meets the Australian Standard 2293.


Australian Standard 2293.2 also specifies that period testing and certification of your emergency lighting systems also be carried out. We recommend a monthly test of existing installations be carried out by a qualified professional.


Exit lighting is required on all commercial properties and Emergency lighting is required on all commercial buildings over 300 square metres.


Talk to us today about our  Exit and Emergency Lighting services and also enquire about our Test and Tag service that will enhance your business safety.


You can hand the worry of meeting legal and insurance compliance for all your lighting and electrical needs. We’ll ensure your maintenance is scheduled at appropriate times for your Exit and Emergency Lighting.